James Bear

In March 2019 our family suffered the most unimaginable loss. James was a funny, happy, healthy, lively little 27month old when he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

James was a central part of a large extended family, in the days/months that followed it became apparent that there was not a lot of help available for Children of the wider family, ie Cousins and young aunts and uncles.

So the idea of JB and Me was born, A charitable trust that will aim to help those most in need in the darkest days after losing a child within a family.

We aim to target these families and offer support and help where needed, Our primary aim is to be able to offer Caregivers of children the opportunity to gain Emergency First Aid for Children Certification, many parents, grandparents etc are not aware of how to react in an emergency situation, Parents are usually offered this once they have been involved in an emergency and to us that is too late. We want to be able to fund a recognised outside organisation to run these courses for those that would like the qualification.

Secondary we would like to get grief counsellors into smaller capacity schools, we have seen the difference it makes to a child when help is offered, smaller schools in our experience have lower budgets so have to make decisions where money is spent and usually something that benefits only one or two children will be overlooked for something that benefits the whole school.

We are also bringing JB (James Bear) to life, JB is a Bereavement Bear, a little bear to help them through the darkest nights and days ahead. He is a friend to tell their worries and fears to. JB will have a colour changing heart that works with heat, so that when a child places their hand over JBs heart it will change colour, thereby giving the child the impression that JB has listened and heard.

We found that a little bear helped our children massively, they felt that they had a part of James still with them and included the bears in every part of their day.